• 3rd Gen Dish Sterilizer (23L)

- 125°C Infrared red heat sterilization

- Durable stainless steel body and inner

- Smart one-touch control

- Hidden handle

- Tempered glass panel

- Food-grade stainless steel rack

- Intelligent microcomputer temperature control

- Thermal insulation foam layer

- Ideal for 2 people family

- Capacity:23 L

- Disinfection time:about 60 minutes

- Disinfection temperature: 125°C

- Dimensions: W430 x D340 x H315 mm

- Power: 300W

- Heat-resistant temperature of tableware lower than 180°C, wooden chopsticks, towel and plastic tableware can not be placed in the appliance for disinfection.

Loading Capacity 2 kg
Sterilizing Method Infrared High Heat
Cavity Material SUS 304
Dimensions W430 X D320 X H300 mm
Gross Weight With Packing 6.4 kg
Net Weight 5.2 kg
Warranty Term 1 year
Voltage 220V
Power 300W
Capacity 23L

Do not open the door of dish sterilizer immediately after sterilization.

Wait for 20 minutes before opening the door to optimize the disinfection and let the ozone restore.

It is a normal phenomenon for the appliance to release a mild odor during operation.

It is not harmful to the human body.

Do not open the door during the process of ozone disinfection in order to avoid excessive leakage of ozone.

This is a normal situation. Upper disinfection mode is operate with low temperature and ozone for disinfection. Therefore,  the heating tube will not light up while using.

This is a normal situation. The heating tube will light up and turn red quickly when the cabinet do not reach the specified temperature. It will not light up when the cabinet reach the specified temperature.

The dish sterilizer will automatically shut down when it finish the disinfection.

The tablewares are not cleaned before disinfecting. There are some oil or detergent residue on the bowl. The tablewares are made porius material which the oil or detergent residue can access into the internal micropores of the tableware easily. After the high temperature of 125 °C and long period of disinfection, oil and detergent residue are grilled on the surface of the tableware continuously and form some black and yellow dots or stains.

The stainless steel tablewares expand and deform when heated. The thinner stainless steel tablewares will exacerbate the molecular pattern, recombine, extrude and change under the high temperature and long period of time. It cannot revert to the original state because of the thinner material. Do not place the thin metal tableware into the cabinet for high temperature disinfection.

This is a normal situation and will soon stop. Make sure the appliance has sufficient ventilation.

3rd Gen Dish Sterilizer (23L)

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