• SANKI Rice Cooker (1.5 L)

- 2mm aluminum alloy Non-stick Coated inner pot
- Honeycomb design inner pot
- Porridge function
- Auto keep warm function
- With Steaming Basket
- Capacity : 1.5 liters (1-8 people)

When too much water is used, the rice will become over-cooked. The rice may be under-cooked if insufficient water is added. The doneness of rice may also be affected if too much water scale is accumulated.

Power off and unplug the appliance. Detach the inner pot and clean it with water and washing up liquid. Dry with a soft cloth.

Remove the detachable aluminium cover lid and rinse with water. Dry with a soft cloth.

Also remember to clean the steam outlet after use to prevent odour or malfunctioning.

Store the appliance in a dry place if not in use.

SANKI Rice Cooker (1.5 L)

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