• SANKI Induction Cooker (Commercial Use)(3500W)
- Power up to 3,500W
- LED Display Panel
- Stylish and durable stainless steel finishing
- Heat-resistant glass-ceramic cooktop panel 
- 9-level power control
- 3 hours timer for easy operation
- Ideal for professional commercial and domestic use
- Suitable for hot pot, fried, fried, boiled soup and other commercial functions
- Cookware sensor (approx. 1 minute) 
- Overheat & empty-pan auto shut-off (approx. 15 minutes) 
- Product Dimensions (approx.) : W330 X D415 X H110 mm
- Energy Label : I200042/20

No. It only takes the induction cooker 15 minutes to heat oil up to 220C, which is ideal for frying.

It also automatically reheats occasionally so that the heat is maintained.

The buttons respond to touch, not pressure. Please touch them with the ball of your finger, instead of using the finger tip.

The buttons must also be clean and dry. Avoid leaving water, oil, utensil, cleaning cloth, and other objects on the glass panel.

It may hinder normal operation.

When a touch is successfully registered, you will hear a beep.

Remove stains by wiping the surface with polishing wax and a dry cloth. For stubborn stains, scrape lightly with a blade (Hold the blade horizontally when scarping to avoid scratches).

Not all cookware claimed “induction cooking available” is suitable for our Induction Cooker. Other appropriate cookware is suggested to use after testing several times.

The intelligent power sharing of the Induction Cooker will automatically distribute power between the 2 hobs.

The temperature of Induction Cooker is too high. Avoid operating the cooker with an empty pan. Let cooker cool down before switch it on again.

Metal, ferromagnetic stainless, and cast iron cookwares with flatten bottom (with a diameter of 12-26cm) are recommended.

SANKI Induction Cooker (Commercial Use)(3500W)

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