• KADA  Fan Heater

- 2 heat settings: 1000W / 2000W
- Cool/Warm/Hot wind for selection
- Adjustable room thermostat
- Overheat Protection

The appliance is designed with an anti-tipover switch. When the appliance is tilted, the base deviates from ground or is placed on an uneven surface, the switch will pop out and cut off electricity connection for safety.

To bring it back to operation, place the appliance on a flat surface and push the switch back to its original position.

Wipe the surface with a soft cloth. If the surface is too dirty, wipe with a mixture of water below 50°C and neutral detergent. Let it air-dry.

Attention: Do not clean the appliance with chemicals such as petrol, thinner and diluents or the surface can be blemished.

KADA Fan Heater

  • Product Code: KD-FH1206
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  • HK$ 299.0

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