- Maximum power 2,800W
- 8-level power/temperature adjustments (200-2800 W / 50-600°C)
- Powerful 2-ring heating (Outer 1000W / Middle 1000W / Inner 1000W)
- Touch-sensing buttons for easy operation
- German-imported SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop
- 4-digit LED display
- 24 hours timer 
- A red cooking ring when Cooker is in use
- LED display 
- Overheat prevention
- High temperature caution light alerts 
- Pot detection
- Delay cooling protection
- Automatic temperature setting function
- Ideal for family use: hot pot, pan-fry, deep fry, boil soup, etc.
- Built-In or Free-Standing Design
- Dimensions: W300 x D390x H74 mm
- Built-In dimensions: W275 x D365 mm

The buttons respond to touch, not pressure. Please touch them with the ball of your finger, instead of using the finger tip.

The buttons must also be clean and dry. Avoid leaving water, oil, utensil, cleaning cloth, and other objects on the glass panel.

It may hinder normal operation.

When a touch is successfully registered, you will hear a beep.

The ceramic cooker heats any cookware with a flat base. Regardless of the material of cooking utensil, as long as it is heat resistant, it can be used with the ceramic cooker.

This is a normal phenomenon. The heating ring goes off when the desired cooking temperature is reached. Once the temperature drops below the set temperature, the heating ring will turn on again automatically.

Remove stains by wiping the surface with polishing wax and a dry cloth. For stubborn stains, scrape lightly with a blade (Hold the blade horizontally when scarping to avoid scratches).

The intelligent power sharing of the Induction Cooker will automatically distribute power between the 2 hobs.

SANKI Ceramic Cooker (2800W)(Built-In / Free-Standing)

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