• GERMAN HEAVY Slanted Range Hood

- Innovative Slanted Design

- Gesture Control Panel
- Twin-Motor with independent power switch & speed control
- Twin wind wheel
- 2-Speed Extraction Force
- Contemporary Heat-resistant glass-panel
- Surrounded Suction Technology
- Detachable Heat-resistant glass smoke guiding plate
- Detachable Aluminium Grease Filter
- Energy-saving LED lighting
- Extra large oil collector
- 3-mins Delayed Shut-off for complete elimination of odours
- Rated Power: 245 W
- Transmission: Twin Motor
- Motor Speed: 1090 (standard) / 2180 (highest)
- Extraction Capacity: 1000 m³/h
- Dimensions: W710 X D380 X H490mm

Your Range Hood may have been installed at a position that is too high or distant from the source of fumes. Contact a licensed technician to re-position it.

The speed of the motor is so high that the majority of the grease has been sucked out of the house through the fumes.

If there is sound come out from Range Hood, Inspection can be arranged to check the motor.

Remove any obstruction from the fan wheel may just solve the problem. Or if there is a burnt fuse, damaged motor or other broken part, contact a licensed technician for a repair or replacement.

Improper installation of the hood body, or unstable fan wheel and motor position all may contribute to vibration. Re-install or adjust the position of fan wheel and motor may solve it. When fan wheel

Air blocked by air damper at exhaust outlet causes air return.

First, make sure whether the power is properly connected. If so, check and see if the light bulb needs a replacement. If the power cable is torn or not appropriately connected, contact a licensed technician for a repair or replacement.

Malfunction of the on/off switch or improper connection of the circuit can be the cause of this problem. Contact a licensed technician for a repair or replacement.

The recommended height for Range Hood positioning is 700±50mm from the furnace surface.

Check if the oil collection cup is full. After cooking is finished, keep the range hood running for about 10 minutes in order to prevent oil from accumulating inside.

Wipe in one direction with alcohol or auto-polish cleans.

GERMAN HEAVY Slanted Range Hood

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