Function :

(1) Steam (80°C - 115°C) 

(2) Steam Grilling (120°C - 250°C) 

(3) Upper Grill (40°C - 250°C) 

(4) Lower Grill (40°C - 250°C) 

(5) Double Grill (40°C - 250°C) 

(6) Keep Warm/Proving (40°C) 

(7) Defrost (60°C) 

(8) Sterilization (100°C) 

- Front Air Exhaust Window design, can be stand and placed in the cabinet.

- Steaming retains moisture, original flavour and nutrients of food.

- High-density steam up to 115°C which injected into the oven and quickly heats the food, enables professional steaming.

- 40°C Proving function for dough fermentation

- The special grill tray facilitates speedy cooking without having the need to turn the food over. The deep ribs on the grill tray cut excess oil and fat from the food.

- "FLAT & WIDE" model, no turntable is needed

- Sterilization can remove odor and dirt in cavity

- Advanced electrostatic touch panel

- Food grade stainless steel inner

- Drip tray to collect excess water from the cavity.

- Extra large removable water tank

- Energy Saving Lamp

- Drain use to discharge excess water from the cavity.

- Child safety lock

- Out of water safety protection

- Capacity : 28L

- Colour : Silver (Mirror Screen)

- Dimension : H350 x W505 x D415 mm

Control Panel Touch-Sensing
Delayed Cooling Fan YES
Cavity Material SUS 304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions H350 x W505 x D415 mm
Gross Weight With Packing 15.5 kg
Net Weight 12.83 kg
Safety Lock Function YES
Temperature Range Steam 80-115 °C, Grill 120-250 °C
Timer 3 hours
Warranty Term 1 year
Water Tank Capacity 1.2 L
Voltage 220-240 V
Power 2100 W (Steam 800 W, Grill 1300 W)
Capacity 28 L
Function Steam, Grill, Steam Grill, Disinfection, Warm Keeping, Defrost and Fermentation

There could be a water scale buildup within the Steam Oven. This is caused by user filling the water tank with tap water instead of distilled water. Scale buildup would clog the internal water pipe. If you notice a slow or interrupted stream of steam, or if there are white powdery substances ejected together with the steam, you may try adding citric acid or white vinegar into the water tank and run the oven in order to clean up the scale buildup in the pipes.

If there is no steam coming out at all, it means the pipes are heavily clogged by water scale. Please contact a technician for a repair immediately. It is recommended that distilled or filtered water are to be used in the water tank. Also, please go through the above de-scale process every 1.5 to 2 months in order to prevent clogging.

Yes, it is suggested that preheat the oven for 5 minutes before cooking.

The best way to steam food is cooking it with steamer rack.

It is because the steam is generated from the bottom part of the oven.

With the steamer rack, it helps steaming the food easily.

Yes. It is advised to empty the water tank and drip tray after each use. This is for hygienic reasons and proper care for the appliance. You may remove the tank and drip tray to wipe them clean. Let them dry before putting them back in position.

If the appliance will not be used for a long time, please unplug the power and keep the oven cavity, water tank and drip tray clean and dry. Make sure the storage environment is dry, well-ventilated and absent of corrosive gas.

With a volume of 1.2 L water tank enables cooking time up to 1 hour.

In order to prevent rust and mold, keep the oven door open for a while to let condensed water evaporate. Also, wipe the drip tray with a dry cloth.

The oil collector has not become rusty. It is just that limescale has accumulated on the oil collector.

In order to prevent the formation of limescale, put only filtered or distilled water in the water tank.

Please avoid using tap water.

To remove limescale, soak the oil collector in diluted white vinegar overnight.

Then steam it in the Steam Oven for 30 minutes and rinse with water.

Clean the oil collector with water and washing up liquid. You can also put a few lemon slices into the oven, select "Steam" or "Sterilization" and activate the steam oven for 10-15 minutes. This can soften the stains and make cleaning easier.

Do not place anything on top of the steam oven and keep a minimum 20 cm distance from the cabinet above. Leave a minimum 5 cm distance between the sides of the appliance and the wall, and a at least 10 cm distance between the back of the appliance and the wall.

Oven save containers are in general compatible with the 2-in-1 Steam Oven. Please avoid using plastic containers with the steam oven.

No. If the built-in light becomes faulty, it has to be replaced by our technician. Please contact our repairs team and arrange an appointment.

The range of temperature adjustment of the Steam Oven is 40-250°C. Each default programme has its corresponding highest and lowest temperature settings.

Steam: 80-115°C

Grill: 40-250°C

Steam Grill: 120-250°C

Convection: 40-230°C

Fermentation: 40°C (unadjustable)

Defrost: 60°C (unadjustable)

Equipped with a professional steam generator, the Steam Oven first turns water into water vapor before heating up the steam with the effective heating elements within a concealed environment. High-temperature steam of up to 115°C is then produced.

Steam Oven

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