• SANKI Whole Slow Juicer

- Patent 8x15 cm large diameter inlet
- Slow Juice Extraction System 
- 43 rpm Cold Press Process
- Adjustable Juice cover
- Durable stainless steel filter
- Automatic cleaning function
- Safety sensor automatically stop the juicer if hopper is opened
- Durable AC motor
- Separation of Juice and Pulp
- Juice and Pulp are automatically seaprated to designated space neatly, obviates the need to seaprate pulp
- 2 Ultem Strainers Included
- BPA Free
- Colors : Pearl red
- Rated power : 240W
- Rated Voltage : 220V / 50 Hz

Control Panel Press Button
Hopper >65 mm
Motor Speed 43 RPM / Mins
Power 240W
Capacity 300 ml
Type of Blade / Blade Material SUS

The fine cracks and scratches are marks developed during the operation process. They are prone to developed especially when processing stiffer ingredients. It is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the usage.

If the cracks are unusually large, please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre.

The chamber may shake during operation as it is influenced by the motor's kinetic energy. It is a normal phenomenon. Also, shaking may occur due to the characteristics of ingredients. It is caused by the rotation of auger and is again a normal phenomenon. Compared to tender, moist ingredients, stiff ingredients such as carrots, potatoes and beet will lead to more shaking.

No. The Slow Juicer mimics the motion of a millstone and is able to extract 100% pure fruit juice. No water has to be added.

The size and amount of ingredients put in may be too large. Unplug and disassemble the appliance. Rinse the accessories and re-start the operation. If the problem remains unsolved, please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre.

Too many ingredients may have been fed in. When too many ingredients have been put in at a time, the appliance may fail to discharge the pulp quickly. The pulp inside the chamber may push the rubber blanket out, making the juice leak from the gaps. If a large amount of juice is to be made, put in the ingredients separately in a few times.

1. Please check if the power cord is securely plugged.

2. Please check whether the hopper is clamped securely. When the hopper is not installed correctly, the unit will not start.

3. Make sure the chamber is properly installed onto the main body. When the

SANKI Whole Slow Juicer

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